The advantages of membership

The advantages of membership

Membership of the NGG union gives you all manner of advantages. This page lists just a few of them. Do you have any questions on membership? We welcome telephone calls or emails!

At a glance: the advantages of NGG Union membership

Anything affecting your work is our forte: and your local NGG office can advise you on matters concerning your work. Questions on a collective agreement or company pension plans? Do you need advice during your training, or information on your unemployment entitlements? Your NGG is there to support you – free of charge, by individual and close you.

Sometimes a dispute arises at work that can only be resolved in a court of law. NGG's free legal protection will help you have your rights recognised – and if necessary, through all the courts. Furthermore, we can report that during just one year, 2017, almost 17 million Euro were secured on behalf of NGG members.

As a member of NGG, you are never alone: almost 200,000 people form a bond together. What is more, as a sign of the solidarity amongst NGG members, they use the informal ‘Du’ and speak to each other as ‘colleagues’ and ‘co-workers’. NGG– together we are stronger!

Our collective agreements improve your conditions of work and protect you. Whether through regular wage increases, holiday and Christmas pay, or fair work hours, the collective agreement determines the rules that govern your work. Every year, the NGG concludes collective agreements for employees in various sectors. The spectrum ranges from the 'minor' in-house collective agreement affecting just a few people to the sector-wide collective agreement for 10,000 employees.  

A privilege? Yes, for members only!

Furthermore, legal entitlement to the benefits of the collective agreement is something that applies only to members of the NGG Union.

As a member of NGG, you are part of a strong community. NGG embraces almost 200,000 people. They have joined forces because they know that this is the best way to achieve more: more fairness in the workplace and a more socially-minded policy for Germany.

As a member of NGG, you are part of a large organisation with a long history. Since 1865, NGG has been committed to helping people. The NGG is the oldest union in Germany – and for more than 150 years, we have demonstrated that we represent our members effectively in political, economic, and social spheres.

Sometimes striking is the only way to make employers listen to their workforce. If things get tough, it's a good time to have NGG at your side. NGG affords financial support to its members during a strike. Only those with financial backing can afford to take to the streets, and for this reason, NGG members will receive the necessary financial support if their employer ‘disciplines’ or dismisses them due to their NGG membership.

As a member of NGG, you will always be well-informed. The free newsletter ngg.aktuell is emailed to you every Thursday. The newsletter is a concise summary of activities and actions within companies, political events and opinions.

NGG members also receive the quarterly 'einigkeit' (‘unity’), NGG's member magazine. It can be posted to your home, offices, or delivered via the einigkeit-App on your Smartphone or tablet.

NGG has concluded an accident insurance policy with Generali Versicherung AG, which is free of charge to all persons who have been members of NGG for at least 12 months. The holiday and leisure accident insurance provides comprehensive cover for victims of accidents at home, when travelling, or on holiday. More information is available here or through your local NGG region.

As an NGG member, you will benefit from attractive offers from various partners, including insurance offers, concert or theatre tickets, or the purchase of a car.

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When ideas for going away beckon, members of NGG have specific advantages: NGG members and their families enjoy preferential rates under the Gemeinnützigen Erholungswerk (GEW holiday scheme). Whether you opt for a beach or mountain holiday, in Germany or elsewhere in Europe – GEW has a holiday to suit every taste.

Click here to see preferential rates on GEW holidays for NGG members: GEW - exclusive to NGG

When it comes to choosing a works council, the NGG union is committed to supporting its members by giving skilled consultancy. And elected works councils have recourse to a strong partner in the form of NGG. NGG provides support and advice, for example providing information and advertising material for the business, on matters of work and social law, or the organisation of works meetings.

Many NGG regions offer their members various free training courses – from seminars on the topic of racism at work to workshops on dealing with stress. You can find more information on training offers from your local NGG region.

Women in the NGG’ and ‘Young NGG’ also offer regular seminars.

As an NGG member, you will benefit from recourse to the 'Gewerkschaftliche Unterstützungseinrichtung der DGB-Gewerkschaften' (German Trade Union Confederation support scheme) (GUV/Fakulta). GUV/Fakulta (voluntary legal protection) intervenes if something at work has gone wrong and you are asked to pay damages. Whether this is the loss of a key, or an error through a momentary lapse of attention that results in damage to a company vehicle – the GUV/Faculty affords financial support. The annual contribution is 21 Euro. Only trade union members may become members of the GUV/Fakulta.

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