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11 questions about the NGG Join the NGG!

The NGG is the oldest German trade union and represents employees in the sectors of food, beverages, tobacco, hotels and catering. In the NGG, about 200.000 members are united and together are striving for better working and living conditions. Join the NGG!  

Collective agreements! We regularly negotiate wage increases, working hours, christmas bonuses and much more with enterprises and employers‘ associations. The result is then documented in a collective agreement.

The better we are organised in the company, i.e. the more members we have among all employees the more successful we’ll be in the collective bargaining.

When push comes to shove, striking is necessary. NGG-members receive strike pay from us in that case.

No, a collective agreement only applies for trade union members, in general.

As a trade union, we can only negotiate for those who have assigned us to represent them, of course. All other employees need to rely on the hope that the employer voluntarily grants the payments settled in the collective agreement.

All NGG-members receive a cost-free legal counselling and legal protection in Labor Law and Social Law.

That means that we offer advice and help concerning all questions and issues regarding the employment relationship but also regarding the employment agency Jobcenter, pension insurance, health insurance, trade association and pension office.

After three months of membership, we also represent you in judicial hearings in Court, if necessary, to enforce your rights – free of charge.

Yes, generally your Legal Insurance can do that, too. However, there is some “tricky stuff” many people are not aware of.

Many people have agreed on „deductibles“ with their insurance.

That means that arising costs up to a specific amount need to be covered personally. In general, simple legal counselling offered by an attorney always needs to be paid personally, because the costs do not exceed the deductibles. Making use of one’s legal insurance too often sometimes results in a rude awaking. If insurance policy holders become too costly, some insurances simply cancel their agreements.

We’ll stand by your side with guidance and resources, no matter how often you’ll need us. Moreover, the Union due is adjusted to your financial situation (cf. question no. 9). No legal insurance decreases their fees just because the policy holder is in a financially critical situation.

Yes! After one year of membership, you automatically have an insurance for leisure accidents via the NGG, too.

In case of an accident that results in an over 48-hours-stay in hospital or lasting damages, you’ll receive financial support.

There is a variety of other advantages you have as an NGG-member.

As a member, you’ll benefit, for example, from educational offers, ticket discounts, concert tickets and travels as well as the support by the GUV/FAKULTA.

The GUV/FAKULTA is a supporting association of the Trade Unions, which can only be joined by members of the Federation of German Trade Unions (DGB). The GUV/FAKULTA supports you if you accidentally cause damage resulting from a mistake or negligence at work or on your way to work and are imposed with a fine or damage payments.

The Union due in the NGG Trade Union is 1% of the gross-income or apprenticeship pay settled in the Collective Agreement.

So, if you earn e.g. 1.800 Euro gross, you’ll pay 18 Euro per month.

  If your income changes, the Union due is adjusted, respectively. Oh by the way, you can deduct your Trade Union due from tax.

Your Union due is adjusted to your life situation.

If you earn less, your Union due is also reduced. If you receive sick pay or get unemployed, you’ll only pay 2.60 Euro per month during that period. We also reduce your Union due to 2.60 per month in case of private bankruptcy.

Especially when times get tough one needs support that is affordable!

Important: If you wish to make use of the Trade due reduction, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US!

As soon as you retire, you only pay 5.50 Euro per month.

The Union due can be reduced to 2.60 Euro for pensions below the basic income level. If you have to or wish to continue working during retirement, you can continue benefiting from our Labor Law protection, of course.

Pensioners also have full Social Law protection. Thus, we help you with all problems concerning pension insurance, health insurance or care insurance.

The insurance for leisure accidents continues to apply for pensioners.

By the way: The amount of the pension also depends on the Trade Unions. Why? The stronger Trade Unions are, the higher the wage increases; and the better the wage increase, the higher the annual pension adjustment!

No. It is nobody’s business whether you are a member of the trade union or not, except yours and the union’s.

We shall only inform your boss that we are standing at your side if you want us to.