Infos in englischer Sprache

Information in English

You want...

…better hourly rate?

…more holiday?

…additional holiday pay?

…5-day weeks?

…extra money for overtime?

…extra money for working Sundays?

…extra money for public holidays?

…extra money for working nights?

…additional Christmas pay?

…better living conditions?

Great. Then we have something in common.

Together we can achieve this with a collective agreement.

In Germany, wages, more than 20 days holiday, additional holiday pay, the number of days worked in a week, payment of overtime, additional Christmas pay and much more are being negotiated with employers by unions and agreed in a collective agreement.

This collective agreement will only apply for union members.

You can try to negotiate all of your requests yourself. 

Or become a member of your NGG union to allow us to also negotiate for you for more pay, more holiday, additional leave and Christmas pay, and much more.

Yes, I want to join the NGG!